How to reduce your appetite? What is the way to reduce your appetite?

The cause of weight gain may be excessive appetite and frequent snacking, which in turn leads to excess weight. Increased appetite may be the result of improper distribution of meals throughout the day, a diet rich in fat and sugar. It can also be the result of mental tension, the so-called stress eating. A way to reduce the appetite may be to follow the selected type of diet, visit a dietitian or use a dietary supplement.

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How to eat less?

Excessive eating, that is, consuming too much food in your daily diet, is always synonymous with providing excess energy, which is then converted into adipose tissue. There can be many reasons for fluctuations in the energy balance - from developing bad eating habits, through psychological factors, to genetic factors.
The use of certain psychotropic and antidepressant drugs increases the appetite. Mood disorders are also often associated with snacking. In order to reduce the appetite, it is necessary to find the cause that is leading to this condition. Without it, it will be impossible to limit calories consumed.

How to curb your appetite?

What is the most effective for reducing appetite?
The way to curb the appetite are, first of all, regular meals, at fixed times of the day, properly composed, which meet the nutritional needs. This is where you should start, but you also need to establish your actual energy requirements to maintain a healthy weight.
The next step is to compose a model menu of liked, valuable products, and then implement it. The help of a dietitian who will professionally prepare such recommendations is essential here. The greater the nutritional awareness and the motivation to learn about your needs, the greater the chance of reducing your appetite.
Another issue is the type of food and whether it provides an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals. Nutrient deficiencies can increase the appetite for certain foods, which feels like a constant urge to eat. It can be felt especially by people who have been on restrictive slimming diets for a long time and have eliminated most of the products.
It is different in the case of people for whom eating is a kind of reward, consolation, killing time. In such cases, the problem is in the psyche. Eliminating the frequent phenomenon of eating stress and snacking requires a change in lifestyle and sometimes the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist.

How to limit food?

To reduce the desire to eat, it is very important to properly adjust the energy of meals to the current, real needs of the body. This allows you to effectively reduce your appetite.
Sometimes, due to the lack of time, skipping meals and simply neglecting the proper diet, energy intake during the day is too limited. Such fluctuations in the amount of calories consumed result in an increase in appetite, also in the evening hours. Then, in an uncontrolled way, we start to overeat and snack.
Also, situations that are associated with eating make this activity an automatic reflex, for example when watching TV or resting. To reduce the constant urge to eat, you can introduce some solutions that have a soothing effect on the psyche and soothe.
Eating meals in rooms with warm and intense colors (red, yellow, orange) stimulates the appetite, so it is better to avoid such places. At every opportunity to eat, it is worth considering whether we really feel hungry, or whether it is just a mental need to eat another meal.
When it's time to eat, it is necessary to savor it, taste it, chew it thoroughly so that the pleasure of eating lasts longer, thanks to which we will eat less. It is worth considering how much effort it will take to get rid of the excess calories and whether you really want to increase your body weight by another kilogram.

Dietary supplements to reduce appetite

Dietary supplements available in pharmacies are an ally in weight loss and a way to reduce appetite. How do weight loss supplements work? They accelerate the metabolism, cleanse of toxins, neutralize free radicals, induce a feeling of satiety, reduce appetite.
All this thanks to their ingredients, such as fruit extracts, green tea, Yerba mate, acai berries, caffeine, theobromine, L-carnitine, chromium, chitosan, white bean extract, amino acid L-tyrosine, chlorogenic acid, peppermint extracts , cumin, fennel, lemon balm and fiber. These compounds help to reduce appetite, so it's worth including them in your diet.
Some of them can cause a slight swelling in the stomach, which makes you feel full and reduces your appetite. This is how chitosan works, which also limits the absorption of fats from the gastrointestinal tract.